SERRALVES 1940 (2005)


A House, the man who imagined it and a private photo album.

This exhibition has its starting point on a set of photos of the interiors of Casa de Serralves in the 40ies, the time when the house was inhabited by Carlos Alberto Cabral, Earl of Vizela and Blanche Daubin.

Gathered in a family photo album, the photos by Foto Alvão Studio, give a glance on another time, exclusive and private, that is now being shared through the large sized images hanged in the walls that inhabit the house, reminding the memories of another life of this place.

The placement of the screens comes along with the spaces represented in the photos, comparing the images of the house with the furniture, testimony of its condition of inhabited space, with the present empty space.

The house – the main character of these images – becomes the protagonist of the exhibition.



Title: Serralves 1940
Curator: Victor Beiramar Diniz
Exhibition Design: Alexandra Cruz
Production: Parque de Serralves
Location: Casa de Serralves, Oporto. Portugal