I am writing The Waves to a rhythm not to a plot...though the rhythmical is more natural to me than the narrative, it is completely opposed to the tradition of fiction and I am casting about all the time for some rope to throw to the reader. (1)

The Waves was first time presented as the Final Project in the scope of the Master of Arts in Scenography from Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design.

The novel was the starting point for the creation of a performance installation with 6 actors. The installation, made of 54 large stripes of a very thin and translucent plastic, placed according to an orthogonal geometrical grid, created a space with no references. The light design introduced the voices of the six actors and reinforced the whiteness of the ambient.

The place was simultaneously inhabited by the audience and actors, whose presence was only recognizable through their voices. The shadows of the bodies aleatoriously projected towards the vertical stripes, introduced an ambient of blurred and floating presences, suggesting the image of the waves.

(1) In Woolf, Virginia, “The Waves”, introduction and notes by Kate Flint, Penguin Books, London, 1992.



Title: The Waves
Director, Stage Designer, Lighting Designer: Alexandra Cruz
Production: MA Scenography Department, Central Saint Martins College Of Arts And Design
Premiere: No10, Back Hill, London