We Call You Later was first presented in Lisbon at Maria Matos Municipal Theatre.

The text explores the idea of a process – the process of staging up a theatre performance. The Set design explores the idea of process in a parallel approach, by proposing a space that is built gradually.

In a first gesture the references to the classical position of the audience towards the stage are subverted, as a rotation of 90º of the apron stage is suggested in order to place the spectator in the role of voyeur, spying the action from the side scenes - backstage.

The movements of the actors, as well as the relationship they get with the spectators are therefore conditioned by the suggestion of this new placement. The Set design is developed as a system of modules, pieces of a puzzle, assembled by the actors in different combinations during the play.



Title: Nós depois telefonamos
Text: Produções Fictícias
Director: António Pires
Set design: Alexandra Cruz
Lightning Designer: João Paulo Xavier
Photography: Diogo Valério
Production: Cassefaz
Premiére: Maria Matos Theatre, Lisbon. Portugal